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We’re bringing 20 years of experience in fireplace installations to Low Fell.


We’re a family-run business, embarking on an exciting venture in the heart of Low Fell, bringing together all of our knowledge and experience in design, installation and customer support.

Having worked without a shop front for many years, advising customers on design and installation in their homes, the time is right to join the thriving business community in the town we were brought up in.

Fires and living will supply high quality fireplaces to suit a variety of budgets and styles of home, from the classic cast iron found in the traditional 1930s homes right through to the highest technology hole in the wall installations.

Whether you’re looking to restore your home to its former glory or fully modernise and re-style, along with our 5-star rated installation company, Gasworx, we can help build the hearth of your home.

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